Lunch Date Bride ~ Release Blitz

Title: Lunch Date Bride
Collection: Sun, Sand & A Ring On My Hand
Author: KV Rider
Genre: Contemporary Romance; Beach Read

Today we have the release of LUNCH  DATE BRIDE, part of the Sun, Sand & A Ring On My Hand collection from Blue Tulip Publishing, a collection of 3 standalone novellas. Get a head start on summer with these engaging contemporary romances!

Finally back home from her five years away, Elizabeth Wray took her lunches on the beach. Breathing in the fresh ocean air, she realized she should have come back much sooner. Her lunch hour was her time to reflect that she was in her element– when she had the ocean breeze and salty air on her skin. For the past six months she has been working as a PA for the CEO of a software design company. Doing everything and anything from making coffee, scheduling appointments, giving insights to the newest software program, holding luncheons, and her newest project… helping a coworker plan a wedding! All with the boss’s blessing.

Mark Winston was the CEO and Elizabeth’s boss. He’s demanding and remote, yet has a friendly side to him when it comes to the welfare of his employees, as long as he can just contribute and not be involved. Mark’s family has proved to him that people only want what’s given to them, so he keeps people at arm’s length after being taken advantage of so many times, especially by those closest to him.

A surprise birthday present has Mark looking at Elizabeth from a different angle. She’s able to do anything she puts her mind to, as long she stays detached. Mark’s wondering if her past is haunting her to the point she can’t enjoy the present. Can Mark become her new project? What would happen if Mark actually joined her on the beach for those lunches, and possibly even some dinners…

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“I need you to sit at your desk and face the window. I need to show you something and I, umm, I want to see your initial response.”

“Okay, should I be worried?” He laughed with a questioning look on his face.

Liz rolled her eyes, “Yeah, I’m going to pop you over the head so you remain here all day and have no choice but to attend the wedding tonight. You won’t become conscious until the reception, the noise from the music, waking you up.”

He raised his brows. “Really?”

Liz shook her head and just laughed as she walked toward the door. “Just stay seated, and look out the window.”

Liz eased the cake out of the drawer and opened it. Placing a few candles on it, she lit them just before opening the door, sneaking a peek first to make sure he followed her command. When she was close to the desk she said, “Don’t turn around yet.” She set the cake on the corner of the desk and then told him to turn around, knowing he probably could smell the cake already.

When Mark turned around his eyes went wide, looking at the cake, then to her, then to the cake again. His eyes locked on the cake and Liz could see him take a deep breath and swallow hard, his Adam apple moving ever so slowly. Since when did an Adam’s apple become sexy? No, no… not sexy!

Confused and uncomfortable, she pasted the biggest smile on her face she could. For some reason, her throat was thick and she became very emotional. “Happy birthday! I’d sing to you but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to handle that, and I want you to have a good birthday.” She was rambling nervously. “Blow out the candles, one’s for your age, the other’s for a wish, so make a wish but don’t tell anyone, or it won’t come true.” She clamped her lips together so she wouldn’t say anything else.

Mark swallowed again, there went that Adam’s apple, then he looked at her deeply as he blew the candles out. “How did you happen to know it was my birthday?”

“Your mom… she called yesterday, making sure you didn’t forget that you’d be at the restaurant… For your birthday dinner. I thought you were meeting at her house. She even invited me to join everyone there, but I couldn’t call you if I was there and then there was the dinner…”

Mark smelled the cake. “I wished you would have come, it would have been a definite improvement on the night.” He inhaled deeply, “Apple spice? My favorite, how’d you know?”

“I knew you liked apple fritters; I just went with something appley. I didn’t get you anything, I just made the cake.” She shrugged her shoulders. “I hope you enjoy it with friends, at least.” Then without thinking she bent over and gave him a hug, and then a quick kiss on his cheek, but Mark turned his head and she brushed the corner of his mouth. “Happy birthday.” She cleared her throat that was now dry and hoarse.

Mark just stared at her. As she turned to go, he finally spoke up. “You’ll join me for a piece of cake before you leave, right?”

Read all 3 books in the Sun, Sand & A Ring On My Hand collection from Blue Tulip Publishing, a collection of 3 standalone novellas. Get a head start on summer with these engaging contemporary romances!

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Pre-Order Today. Releasing June 8.
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Pre-Order Today. Releasing June 10.
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I was born in Euclid, Ohio. Living in Wickliffe until I was seven. It was then that we moved to a small town in Kentucky. I married young and still live in that small town with my husband of 35 years. We have three children, a daughter-in-law, and five grandchildren. My parents live close by, as well as our children. I love watching my birds on the deck and having herb gardens and fruit trees. Join me on Pinterest too.

I’ve always enjoyed writing. It wasn’t until the death of my middle sister, that I found that I could escape my daily life in writing; it was a great way to deal with the mourning process. The only sharing I did during this time was for extra credit in school and for my friends and family.

My desire to write took a side-burner when I had children of my own. But with time passing, the stories became more like little movies and I knew I needed to write again.

I am now a retired paramedic and loved that job (will probably work part time at some point)! Since retirement I spend a lot of time caring for my aging parents. Most of my off time is filled with family and getting the time to just stay at home and write!

KV Rider

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