Salt Water Wounds by Jennifer Foor ~ Excerpt Reveal



While I try to comprehend my indifferences, I hear the sound of the slider opening. Perry has changed into a pair of cotton shorts and a t-shirt, and since it’s chilly I can tell she’s not wearing a bra underneath. The slightest thought causes parts of me to awaken.

“The storm is keeping me awake,” she whispers while taking her first step onto the porch.

I stand to greet her, not knowing if it’s my body or mind making the decision to do so. “Me too.”

Her eyes are locked on mine, her hands grazing each of my arms as she inches even closer. I can feel her breath against my skin, her body pressing over the front of me. “Storms like this get me freaked out. I was hoping you’d be the distraction I need tonight, Buck. It’s just us right now. You and me. Just let it happen.” She brings one hand up and glides a few fingers over my lips. My eyelids shut as I take in the experience of feeling someone intimately touching me after a long bout of dormancy. It’s electrifying, much like the lightning illuminating the sky around us. She’s meticulous as she continues to trace them, parting them enough in order to lean in and coarse her puffy lips across. This precise moment sends my limbs into overdrive. My senses begin to awaken, and I’m forced to allow it to happen, because there’s no way I’m able to stop. Our first kiss is slow, mindful, but above all a hint of everything I’ve forgotten. She maps her way back down my arms, attaching her hold on either side of my waist. Her fingers tuck into the back of my belt, making sure I’m unable to easily pull away. Her mouth beckons me, the slip of her tongue teasing mine. My limp hands finally lift to come around her tiny midriff to rest right above her perfect ass. I tuck them down into the back pockets of her soft shorts and keep them there.

I move my head away for a breath, taking her in before crashing back into a more powerful kiss. My tongue finds hers, desperate and wanting. They mingle together, setting a dynamic pattern as they rub and play. With each stroke I’m withering away into a pool of desire; a place deep within that I thought would never see the light of day again. She’s breaking down my walls by the second, forcing me to be the man she needs, and the one I’ve refused to show anyone for years.

This is what I need. It’s what I want.


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Find out if a broken man from Oyster Cove can love again in Salt Water Wounds by Jennifer Foor

Meet Buck Wallace on August 22nd!


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After losing his wife to an untimely death, Buck Wallace has been raising his six children on his own for the last eight years. By day he runs the family business, while at night he’s still lost and alone. When a business opportunity arises, Buck insists on trying his hands at something new.


Alice Perry is desperate to sell her bar, but there’s always a catch to any good deal. She’s had her eye on Buck for a long time. When she learns he’s interested in buying her bar, she decides to provide him with an offer no man could ever refuse.




Author Information


Jennifer Foor is an award winning Contemporary Romance Author. She’s best known for the Mitchell Family Series, which includes ten books.

With over forty published titles, there is a story for every interest. Her books can be found on most platforms and in paperback.

She is married with two children and spends most of her time behind a keyboard, creating and writing stories straight from her heart.


Stalk Her: Facebook | Twitter | Website | Goodreads




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