Sunday Snuggles Under the Covers — Episode 1

Nothing beats a Sunday snuggled under the covers! But I thought I would mix it up here a bit and bring the snuggle session under some of the covers that I have designed!

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission should you click through and make a purchase. I love all of these products, and you will too!

Kathy Coopmans wrote a beautiful and emotional trilogy — The Unbound Trilogy. She was looking for the covers to pack an emotional punch to match the reactions she was getting from early reviewers. We found this gorgeous couple on Depositphotos that matched Kathy’s vision of Logan & Ellie, well except for the tattoos!

For the fonts we decided to use Novecento Sans for Kathy’s name. For the USA Today line we used Adobe Garamond Pro. This would match the other covers that I have designed for Kathy and also be easy for people to read. The title for the three books was done with Black Diamond (which is a font I really like!) and we used TT Jenevers in the series title along with Black Diamond.

Unravel is the first book in the trilogy. For this cover I decided to crop the couple as a close-up to really highlight the emotion in their faces. I changed the color of her outfit to green because I didn’t want her in the same color on every cover! I applied a grunge filter to the photo and also darkened it up a bit to increase the angst factor of the cover.

Undone is the second book in this trilogy. On this one I also went in a little tighter on their faces, again for the emotion factor. Just like in the first one, I applied a grunge filter and darkened the photo up a little to keep the series looking similar. I changed the colors of both of their shirts and removed the tattoo on his arm.

Untwist is the last book in this emotional trilogy. Again I went in tight on the couple to match the first 2 books. I also positioned the photo a little off of the cover so that we didn’t have any man nips showing! (Many sites don’t like nipples and won’t approve ads with them!) I left their clothes as is for this one, but I removed the tattoos and necklaces from the man. Just like in the first 2 I applied a grunge filter and darkened the photo.


I may have been a little nervous sending these back to Kathy (I wanted her to love these covers as much as she loved her characters!) But, thankfully, she fell in love with the covers too! They matched her vision of the couple and showcased the raw emotion of the books. When you look at all 3 next to each other — there is no mistaking that these books belong together in a trilogy!

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This month I got such a surprise — Untwist was named one of the covers of the month for November on AllAuthor. We have lasted the entire month and we are now in the FINAL ROUND! GASP! Can you believe it?

If you like the cover for Untwist we would appreciate any love you want to show it! (If you don’t like it… no worries! We all like something different!)

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