The Midnight Bride by Kati Wilde

The Midnight Bride by Kati Wilde

The Dead Lands #3

To save her family from a tyrant king, Mara of Aremond must win a tournament—and she won’t let anyone stop her from claiming the prize. Especially not Strax, the barbarian warrior who has tormented her every step of the way. But when a sorcerer’s trap binds them together, Mara must decide whether Strax is her greatest enemy, or if everything she seeks can only be found in the barbarian’s arms…

The audiobook version of this novella was originally featured on the Read Me Romance podcast. This release marks the first time this story is available in ebook or print, and includes a bonus epilogue and map not included in the podcast version.

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Full of action, danger, magic and two people who need to learn to trust each other — The Midnight Bride is a fast, fun, steamy read that packs a punch.

I absolutely love the fantasy world that Kati Wilde has created here. I am mesmerized by how Kati deals with and explains magic in this series. Her prose in the book is flowing and befitting a fantasy yet still super easy to read.

Mara is a strong heroine. Off to win an impossible tournament to save those she loves. Strax has also entered the tournament and has been dogging Mara’s steps from the get-go. Strax rubs Mara the wrong way but when push comes to shove their passion and chemistry explodes.

For me the biggest takeaway from The Midnight Bride is how important trust is. Without trust in others we will not be able to succeed.
And love is always weakened without trust.

I also just need to take a second to acknowledge how magnificent and picturesque the language in a Fantasy novel can be. You can say things here that just make sense and fit… where you would be rolling your eyes in a contemporary!
So blessed he was, to have a wife as hot as the sun and as wet as the ocean.
Seriously, I freaking LOVE this line!!

And I can’t forget the MAP! Kati Wilde does an amazing job creating maps for these books… but there is one in this book that takes the cake! If you do one thing today… get this book and read to the end so you can see the last map in the book. I WANT this map to hang in my room! It was the very best thing I have seen in a long time!

All books in The Dead Lands series can be read as standalones

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Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited


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