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A Bleeding Stars Stand-Alone Novel


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“Stay is a power, heart-wrenching story that will consume you heart and soul, leaving you utterly breathless days after the last page is read.” – Kelly Elliott New York Times bestselling author


From NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author A.L. Jackson comes the next sexy, gripping Bleeding Stars Stand-Alone Novel…

I’m Ash Evans.
The life of the party.
Hot. Rich. Charismatic.
A tattooed rock star with the world at my feet.
I burn through women faster than the strike of a match.

I’ve embraced my lifestyle and live it to the fullest.
Until the day my lifestyle caught up to me.

Willow Langston found me at my lowest.
Facedown in a puddle of my own blood.

I owe her my life and I have three months to repay that debt.
What I never should have done was touch her. Kiss her. Take her to my bed.

Love wasn’t supposed to be a part of the equation.
I gave up that nasty complication a long damned time ago.
Now I want her more than my next breath.
But she doesn’t know what I know.

Do I leave to protect her? Or can I face my demons and ask her to Stay?


Jill’s Review

It is certainly no secret that the Bleeding Stars Series by A.L. Jackson is one of my most favorite series ever. Honestly, I think I said it best in my last review when I said: it is a stormy, poetic, lyrical series that buries itself into your soul and just makes you bleed emotions right along with every broken character you encounter. And that surely held true with Stay.

Let me just state from the beginning that yes Stay is absolutely part of a series. Yes! I absolutely recommend that you read the ENTIRE series. But I say that because this series has buried itself deep within me and will always be one that I recommend that people read. But let me state ith absolute certainty that you can pick this up and read it without having read any of the other books and you will be absolutely fine. You will not at all be lost. You will however probably be so in love with the words and the beauty of the story that you will backtrack and pick up the other books in the story because you can’t help but want more!

I don’t even know how to express just how much this story touched me without giving things away. You should just know that it is absolutely beautiful. From the way AL Jackson crafts the words and the story. To what takes place between the characters. You will be swept away into the story and compelled to stay there from start to finish.

Ash has always been the life of the party. He has always been the one to have an easy laugh ready for everyone — so you just knew there was so much more brewing under the surface. And I could not wait to see what AL Jackson had planned for him. And OMG what she had in store. As Ash and Willow met, when Ash was literally at his lowest, in a crumpled heap on the ground, my heart broke for him. And then as we saw pieces of their lives and their pasts slowly revealed to us — she tugged on my heart. I ached for the two of them. I broke with them. And ultimately I healed right alongside them.

I highly recommend this book. It is a must read, just like the rest of this series. You will want to just stay in this story forever.

I received a complimentary copy of Stay.



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