Romance Reveal Box

Romance Reveal Box


EEEEEEK! I need to tell you about the Romance Reveal Box I got in the mail!

It was so exciting!

Each box contains two signed paperbacks, bookish swag, and a product sample delivered to your door each month. Here is what was in mine:

It came in an unassuming white box (about the length and width of a book) with pink packing tape. At first I was thinking what in the world is this? Then as I began to open the box I saw a nice Romance Reveal Book Box sticker on the flap of the box . I think I may have squealed! Once you open the box, everything is wrapped and hidden in pink tissue paper. It has a sticker holding it together that says: PEEL and REVEAL! Honestly it took everything in me not to rip that sucker open and instead, stop and take a picture first so I could show you. Patience may not be my strong suit 😉

So picture taken.. I ripped into the tissue paper (I was a little too eager to peel and reveal!) Everything was packaged nicely so that it all made it to me, not only in one piece but in perfect condition. The first things I went for were the signed books – shocked aren’t ya?! I needed to know what was hiding beneath all that cool swag! I was delighted to find, that not only were they two awesome books by fantastic authors… but the books were in pristine condition! I don’t know about you, but that made my heart extra happy! (I may have this thing, where if a book has marks, dents, bent pages, cracked spines, etc… that I feel like the book is actually hurt. – I never claimed to be normal!) Both books are absolutely beautiful and did I mention SIGNED?! Next it was time to look through all the extras. What fun to open up the bag and keep pulling out more and more book swag! And bonus points for the packaging keeping them in fantastic shape! And the product sample – in its own bag! And the candle smells delightful!

All in all, this was a FABULOUS box. If you are looking for a subscription box service I would definitely look at them. It has everything you could want at very affordable prices!



You have the option of getting an individual book (a single author signed book sent to your door each month) for just $12.95. Or the Romance REVEAL Box Box (two signed paperbacks, bookish swag, and a product sample delivered to your door each month) for just $24.95.

Both are GREAT deals! Plus you just might be introduced to a new favorite book or author!

About Us

We’re friends.
Abby is an avid reader and romance book blogger. Since she began blogging in 2014, she has seen the struggles self-published authors face to promote their work. Many of her favorite authors are indies she has stumbled upon accidentally! She has made it her mission to help them via her blog, to the best of her ability. Abby is also a collector of signed paperbacks, and loves discovering new books and authors to love. Although she typically reads on her Kindle, she purchases her absolute favorites for her shelves. She may or may not lovingly caress them and sniff their pages from time to time. Don’t judge; you know you do it too. Abby is also a lover of all things girlie, so she’s super excited about the other items that will be shipped in the boxes, in addition to books and bookish things.

Brandon is a successful entrepreneur who has years of experience in business, marketing, and product auto-renewal. Although he is not a romance book enthusiast (try not to hold that against him), he has lots of great ideas, and is the brains behind Reveal. He is the one working hard behind the scenes to make sure we are able to send the boxes to you in an affordable and efficient way!

Abby & Brandon have been friends for more than 20 years. With Abby’s love for reading and the romance book community, and Brandon’s business experience, Reveal Book Box is the perfect adventure. We hope you’re as excited about it as we are!

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