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Fortune Synopsis:

A painter, a poet, a publicist, and a punk-rock princess… the boys of High Road Divide have no idea that this tour will change everything.

Tommy Fortune hadn’t realized he was looking for something different until he meets Cassandra Ryan. Soon their connection blurs the line between fame and reality, and it doesn’t take long for Cassandra to follow her inspiration into his world, where paint-stained hands and guitar strings become the basis of their future. But nothing is as perfect as it looks from the outside, and even the most exposed still have secrets to keep. When tour life gets complicated, loyalties will be tested on the road, and they’ll both learn that some harsh realities can’t be painted over.

What happens when an artist stuck in black and white falls for a musician who only lives in color?

A STANDALONE New Adult Contemporary Romance – intended for readers 18+ due to mature themes.
Stay tuned for Book 2 in the High Road Divide series – CRUZ – coming spring/summer 2017.

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In just a few months we’d be seeing Gabriel Cruz, Danny Blythe, Ian Crowe and, most importantly, Tommy Fortune on stage in Los Angeles. I couldn’t believe it — this would be the second time I got to see my favorite band live in concert.

The first show two years ago was amazing, but I felt like I’d appreciate it even more now — I’d changed a lot since then, and so had the band. The promo pictures I’d seen recently showed them in a different light, more grown up, a little more serious, and with a deeper sex appeal. I’d pre-ordered their new album and was waiting impatiently for whatever they had in store — along with the rest of the world.

I ran downstairs to my car, to find Maya sitting on the hood. We lived in the same slightly crappy apartment complex — not together because we were stuck with roommates from before we met, but I felt lucky to have my best friend in the building.

“Sorry, sorry,” I said, unlocking the doors so we could climb in. “I know we’re on our way to another exciting evening of serving food to strangers, but I have something here that I think you’re gonna like.”

Maya flipped the car’s visor down to check her makeup. “Why are you all flustered? Did Della ask you to vacuum the curtains again?”

“Nope.” I pulled my phone out and scrolled to the ticket confirmation page. “I got them.”

She grabbed the phone out of my hand. “Shut up. How?”

“You laughed at me for joining the fan club, but they sent me an invitation to the pre-sale — it was only a ten-minute window of early access to the website, but that was enough! The entire tour is already sold out.”

“Where are our seats?”

“As close as my credit card would allow.”

“In honor of that,” Maya pulled my old CD case out from under her seat and started to flip through the discs, “we need to go back to the beginning.”

She slipped her choice into the dash and seconds later, the pop-rock beat of High Road Divide’s first album came blaring through the speakers.

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Tia Giacalone Bio:


Tia Giacalone is a hairstylist, a former English Lit major, and blogger-turned-New Adult author.  After many years of writing a now-retired personal blog, her work was also featured on numerous forums including Open Salon and Hooray Collective. She believes in eyeliner as a defense mechanism, equal rights, and Marc Jacobs.  Her favorite things include One Direction, story time, and the overzealous use of punctuation. When not writing and reading, she binge watches only the best (subjective) TV shows.  Tia lives in Southern California with her husband, daughter, and tiny dog.


Instagram – @tiawritesbooks

Twitter – @tiawritesbooks



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