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Where Lightening Strikes__ebooksmDo you know what it feels like right before lightning strikes? How you can feel the current running through your veins? The trembles of warning that ripple through the air? It was a thrill Tamar King chased all her life until it became the very thing she had to escape.

For the last four years, Tamar King has hidden herself in an isolated world she created. She was safe. No one could touch her. Until Lyrik West walked through her door.

He’s the lead guitarist for Sunder and everything she can never have. The dark and beautiful rock star becomes everything she craves.

Lyrik’s life has been devoted to his band and that success has cost him. Bitter, hard, and filled with regret, he refuses to lose himself again, but from the moment he sees her, he wants one night with Tamar King.

The gorgeous bartender is more than he bargained for. Their attraction is consuming. Their desire overpowering. With one touch, they ignite.

But is it worth the cost of getting burned?

She’s a gorgeous nightmare and he’s a wicked dream…

WHERE LIGHTNING STRIKES, a Bleeding Stars Stand-Alone Novel


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Bright lights blinded from above and gleamed against the stark white floor. I hurtled down the narrow hall, desperate for escape.

With every pounding step, I felt the separation grow. A chasm rending and ripping until I felt myself splitting in two.

Gasping for breath, I stumbled out of the building and into the vacancy of the deep, deep night. Wind gusted, tumbling along the surface of the ground, a stir of agitation at my feet.

Above, the storm raged. Clouds dark and heavy and ominous.

Lightning struck. A crackle of energy shocked through the air. Wrapping me in coils of white-hot agony.

For a moment, I gave into it and let myself feel. I lifted my face to the tormented sky, hands gripping my hair as I screamed.

Screamed in anguish.

Screamed in regret.

Screamed loud enough I would never forget.

A crack of thunder opened the sky.

Rain poured.

My hands fisted at my sides, and I buried the memory of the way he’d felt in my arms, the memory of his face, in the deepest part of me, sealed it off and cemented my heart.

My spirit grasped and wove with the promise I had made him.

I will never fall in love again.

Not ever again.

Not after tonight.


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Jill’s Review

A.L. Jackson’s Where Lightning Strikes! I have been waiting to get the oh so sexy Lyrik in my hands! And it was beyond worth it!

MMMMM…. this book is so delicious! Let me start by saying how much I just love the way this story is told. I lose myself in Amy’s words and I never want to come up for air! I. Can’t. Get. Enough! Not only is it super hot, but the language is both lyrical and stormy. It brings to mind the flash, heat and burn of lightning striking! I swear Amy is a frickin genius! The story will take you on an emotional rollercoaster that I promise you will be wanting to jump back on again and again.

We have sexy, bad boy rocker Lyrik and sassy, in your face bartender Tamar. But things are never what they seem! So you know there is so much more going on beneath the tattooed surface of their skin. If you have ever read any of my reviews (and it is totally Ok if you haven’t 😉 not sure if you are missing out) you know that my favorite types of characters are flawed and real. And AL Jackson has produced two amazingly flawed, real people in this book. And she was portrayed them in a way that just gets under your skin.

Let’s talk about Tamar first – she is a wonderfully complex character. She comes across tough and pulled together. But if you look closely it is all an act. She is running and she hasn’t stopped yet. That is until Lyrik SEES her. And I mean SEES her and EVERYTHING she is. Her past… well you will see, but my heart is still bleeding! She has built up walls now to protect her. But through the book we get to see all of her, just as Lyrik does. And I just adore Tamar – her sass, her vulnerability, her insecurities, her hard exterior and soft interior – it all just combines to make a fabulously interesting person! And Lyrik… oh Lyrik. Lyrik just got inside me and made me swoon. He comes across so hard and for good reason! (No, I’m not telling you! You need to read it, this one caught me completely off guard!) But underneath he is a man full of such love and tenderness. The baking a cake… the patchwork teddy bears… OMG I want me a Lyrik! And to top it all off – we get to see them grow in the book. Both together and as individuals and it is just so beautiful!

OK not only is the story AMAZING, the characters complex but it is HOTTTTTTTT!!! Tamar and Lyrik have this amazing chemistry – like lightning it flashes bright and lights everything up. A bit rough, tumultuous… they have this big push/pull thing going on. Because of their pasts, pasts they hold close to their chests, they can’t seem to just pull each other close. But you can see it, feel it, taste it. (No really the writing is so spectacular, descriptive.. I just don’t have words – that you feel right along with them.) When they come together it is both explosive and beautiful. And when they start to admit their feelings for one another… *SIGH* <b>You Sing My Soul</b> HOLY SWOON WORTHY MOMENT! These words hold such impact in this book! When you get to this part… AHHHHHH you will wish someone said this to you too. Melted my heart!! So as soon as I heard ‘You Sing My Soul’ whispered…. I just melted. Like who has a fan to cool me off? Or better yet does someone have a sexy Lyrik for me?

I am not sure how to express how much I recommend this book, this series. And no you don’t need to read the first 2 to enjoy Where Lightning Strikes. It is a stand alone! But each of these books have shot to the top of my I LOVE THESE FOREVER AND WILL RECOMMEND ALL THE TIME List!

I received a complimentary copy of Where Lightning Strikes in exchange for my honest review.

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aljacksonphotoA.L. Jackson is the New York Times bestselling author of contemporary and new adult romance.

She first found a love for writing during her days as a young mother and college student. She filled the journals she carried with short stories and poems used as an emotional outlet for the difficulties and joys she found in day-to-day life.

Years later, she shared a short story she’d been working on with her two closest friends and, with their encouragement, this story became her first full length novel. A.L. now spends her days writing in Southern Arizona where she lives with her husband and three children.

Connect with A.L. Jackson online:www.aljacksonauthor.com


To stay up to date with important news on A.L. Jackson, including new releases, sales, and exclusive specials and excerpts, text “jackson” to 96000 to subscribe!


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