All Of It by Kim Holden ~ Book Blitz

Title: All of It

Author: Kim Holden

Release Date: Nov 24, 2013

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Seventeen-year-old VERONICA SMITH has it all: a loving family, a funky car named Jezebel, and a plan to go to college after graduation.

On the first day of senior year, she meets DIMITRI GLENN–a mysterious transfer student with gray eyes and a mischievous smile who seems determined to win her heart. But there’s something odd about Dimitri, leading Veronica to wonder if there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Before long she finds herself in a whirlwind romance that seems too good to be true–until a series of devastating events leaves her questioning everything.

It’s not until she chooses to think with her heart instead of her mind that she can rise from the ashes to learn the truth of their connection.

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Dimitri’s face is peaceful and angelic as he rises to help me put my coat on. “Thanks for coming over tonight, Ronnie. You don’t know what it meant to me. I feel like this is the first time I’ve been able to breathe in months.” He lifts his hand, but hesitantly stops just short of brushing my cheek. He smiles and lowers it. “Can I walk you to your car?”

My heart is soaring and my palms are sweaty. “I’d like that.”

We walk slowly down the long driveway, our bodies so close that our arms brush against each other. I think back to the first day of school and smile; personal space is so overrated.

He opens the driver side door and stands behind it at a safe distance so as not to make the situation awkward. I throw my bag through onto the passenger seat and stand with one hand on the door and the other on the steering wheel. When I look up at him he’s staring down at me. His eyes glitter in the streetlight.

It’s at that moment that my life comes into focus, like flipping a switch. The entire world tilts back onto its axis. Call it an epiphany; the rare type of realization that changes your life absolutely. I need this man in my life. I need him like I need air and water. He is part of me—my past and my future. Since the day we met I’ve given my heart to him … piece by piece. And it’s at this exact moment that I realize he has all of it. My heart is no longer mine; it belongs to him and always will.

I can’t help but smile.

He returns the smile—his beautiful smile. “What?” he asks softly.

“Thank you for being you, Dimitri.”

Not much escapes him and I know from the look in his eyes that he understands. He nods humbly. “You’re welcome.”

I duck down into the driver’s seat and look back up at him. “Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow.” I don’t know if it’s a question or a declaration, but it’s hopeful.

He winks. “You can count on it.”

Slowly he shuts the door and moves to the sidewalk. I wave and pull away, watching him in my rearview mirror as he begins to fade into the distance. He stands there glowing under the streetlight like an angelic statue. When I turn the corner, he’s gone.

Life is sometimes … an epiphany.


Jennifer’s Review

Life is sometimes… a fabulous book that makes you smile, holds you captive and grabs hold tight to your heart.  Life is sometimes… An author you just feel so grateful put her words to paper, that’s Kim Holden.  I first “discovered” her with Bright Side and for anyone who has read that epic story, you won’t be disappointed with All of It.  I promise this.  Veronica, or Ronnie, is an incredible young woman.  She’s funny, witty, the adorable girl next door who kindly speaks her mind and is a friend to everyone.  Dimitri is charming, incredibly handsome and an anomaly.  He’s not like most high school boys – he, too, speaks his mind in his own kind way.  But it’s is distinct personality that makes him an anomaly.  He’s gentle, patient and just such a lovely person.  But they, individually and together, are so wise beyond their years.  They are mature, in fact I would have thought I was reading about two thirty year olds, but in fact, they are teenagers with old souls – who are beyond the typical high school drama.

The course of life Dimitri and Ronnie are dealt is, of course, not an easy one.  Ronnie finds herself dealing with more than any 18 year old should, but contrary to most books we read, she lives through her struggles.  It was so refreshing to me to read about someone who doesn’t have it all together.  Who messes up, who isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, and who fights and claws her way through life.  With Dimitri by her side, unwavering in his support of her, we see Ronnie grow and become the woman she’s destined to be.

My heart broke repeatedly throughout All of It, it was mended back together only to be broken again.  The characters had depth, were so well written and the entire story was engaging.  I was captivated and spell-bound by Ronnie and Dimitri, along with the main supporting characters who were entirely lovely.

Oh and the ending and epilogue – epic.  Adored it – made the journey even better than it began.

Kim Holden has made me a fan for life and I can’t wait to read more from her!

4.5 beautiful stars for All of It, Life is sometimes… realizing that old souls are some of the most beautiful souls.

Some of my favorite things: reading, writing, the two coolest guys on the planet (my husband and son), my bicycle (my husband built it for me), Facebook (I’m fairly certain it’s an addiction at this point), iced coffee (hazelnut), and music (LOVE the 1975, Dredg, the xx, Haim, Manchester Orchestra, Teenage Bottlerocket, and 30 Seconds to Mars).  I also love dreaming. Big. Writing a few years ago was an elusive dream until I grabbed ahold of it with both hands and refused to let go. Keep following YOUR dreams. Be brave and do epic!

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