Courage Anthology ~ Release Day Blitz

About the Courage
Anthology charity:
All proceeds from sales will benefit the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer via the Fifty Shades of Pink team. 
FIFTY SHADES OF PINK team is made up of a group of girlfriends who raise funds annually to participate in the Avon 2 Day Breast Cancer Walk in Santa Barbara, CA. 
For one weekend in September, we wake up before the crack of dawn, dress in as much Pink as humanly possible and prepare to walk for 39.9 miles.
We suffer and laugh through: 
       Torn muscles which require surgery
       Blisters that are almost covering your entire foot and body parts you never realize you could get a blister on (ButtCrackGate 2013)
       Passing out in the triage medical unit
       Sleeping in a tent on the grass
       Taking the best mobile showers EVER
       Limping like old ladies
       Cursing at the curbs to get onto the sidewalk (Walk 39 miles and you will be cursing at them too).
We do this all in the hopes that no other Mother, Sister, Aunt or Friend will have to deal with Breast Cancer.
***Money raised from the anthology will go towards the 2015 Avon Walk***
Never Been Ready (The Ready Series Book 2) by J.L. Berg

Leah Morgan was done with men. After barely surviving a horrendous
childhood, and a boyfriend who bailed when things got rough, Leah had given up
on love. Then she met him, Hollywood’s new golden boy who suddenly had eyes
only for her. She tried to convince herself that one night couldn’t hurt, but
after six months, the memories of his mesmerizing gaze and searing touch still
invaded her every thought.




Declan James had just one rule when it came to women. Keep it simple, and never
linger. That all changed the moment he met Leah. Even across a crowded bar, he
could tell she was different. Sweet, with just the right amount of sass, she
made him break his golden rule and now he couldn’t walk away.


When casual becomes anything but, and emotions run deep, will Leah and Declan
fight their fears, or let old insecurities tear them apart? When Declan’s past
comes roaring back in a way neither of them could have expected, will they
stand united or be torn apart by the challenges that lie ahead?


It was only supposed to be one night, but only forever will do.
Dominic (Slater Brothers Book 1) by L.A. Casey

WARNING: If you don’t like leading males that are possessive
pr**ks, Dominic is NOT for you. If you don’t like leading females that are
stubborn bi**hes, Dominic is NOT for you. If you don’t like characters who have
bad tempers, Dominic is NOT for you. Most of all, if you don’t like characters
who CURSE A LOT and say EXACTLY what they feel and are thinking without sugar
coating it then Dominic is REALLY NOT for you.




After a car accident killed her parents when she was a child, Bronagh Murphy
chose to box herself off from people in an effort to keep herself from future
hurt. If she doesn’t befriend people, talk to them or acknowledge them in any
way they leave her alone just like she wants.


When Dominic Slater enters her life, ignoring him is all she has to do to get
his attention. Dominic is used to attention, and when he and his brothers move
to Dublin, Ireland for family business, he gets nothing but attention.
Attention from everyone except the beautiful brunette with a sharp tongue.


Dominic wants Bronagh and the only way he can get to her, is by dragging her
from the boxed off corner she has herself trapped in the only way he knows
how…by force.


Dominic wants her, and what Dominic wants, Dominic gets.
The Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley

Amber Walker and her older brother, Jake, have an abusive father.
One night her brother’s best friend, Liam, sees her crying and climbs through
her bedroom window to comfort her. That one action sparks a love/hate
relationship that spans over the next eight years.




Liam is now a confident, flirty player who has never had a girlfriend before.
Amber is still emotionally scarred from the abuse she suffered at the hands of
her father. Together they make an unlikely pair.


Their relationship has always been a rocky one, but what happens when Amber
starts to view her brother’s best friend a little differently? And how will her
brother, who has always been a little overprotective, react when he finds out
that the pair are growing closer? Find out in The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom
When the Sun Goes Down (Dusk Til Dawn Book 1) by Erin Noelle
A story of deception… 




Trina is a quiet, reserved music teacher at an inner-city elementary school.
Because of the traumatic events of her childhood, she’s skittish of people in
general, but men especially frighten her. However, when Lucca Ellis appears in
her life, he refuses to take no for an answer. Will he be able to help her
overcome the past that has kept her a prisoner for over eight years?


Kat is a woman scorned and out for revenge. Wronged by the men in her life, she
thrives on belittling and dominating all men that she comes in contact with.
Her end goal is to make the one man, the one who stole her life away as a
child, pay for his actions, and she doesn’t care who she has to destroy to get


These two lives that both thrive on control, were never supposed to overlap,
but anything can happen… When the Sun Goes Down.
Freefall: Custom Culture #1 by Tess Oliver


Ever since a tragic accident killed her family and left her alone in the world,
Scotlyn James hasn’t spoken one word. Up until now she didn’t care that she had
no way of talking to people. Her awful aunt would never have listened, and
Lincoln Hammond the arrogant, selfish man who pulled her from the streets of
Los Angeles wouldn’t hear her words if she could speak. But when Lincoln
insists she get a tattoo to cover up a scar on her side, Scotlyn meets the
artist, Nix Pierce. And now she longs for her voice. Now she has found someone
who will hear her.
All for You
(A Laurel Heights Novel) by Kate Perry
Anna Godwin likes it spicy. 




At least she used to. Somewhere between law school and real life, she lost her
sparkle. Now she wears boring business suits to boring dates in her boring


The last time Anna remembers feeling that sizzle was with the one man who’s all
cayenne and passion: Max Corazao, the one who got away.


Except Max still sees Anna as a woman full of spice. And Anna intends to do
whatever she can to be that woman again—with his (unknowing) help…
Searching for Moore by Julie A. Richman

I lost the love of my life when she disappeared without even a




It was the 80’s – there was no internet, no Google, no cell phones.


If you wanted to disappear, you could.


And she did.


She crushed my soul.


A friend just told me he saw her on Facebook.


And now I’m a keystroke away from asking her the question that’s haunted me for
two decades.


“Why did you leave me?”


Two decades after she broke his heart, sexy entrepreneur Schooner Moore
uncovers the truth and betrayal his life has been built on when he Facebook
friend requests college love, Mia Silver. Determined to win Mia’s love once
again, Schooner embarks on a life-altering journey that could cost him
Until Trevor (Until Series Book 2) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Trevor Mayson had his life planned out – make the family business
successful and play the field for a few more years before eventually settling
down. Then he sees her. Liz Hayes was beautiful, shy and everything that he
could ever want…but she didn’t fit into his plans. After Trevor painfully
rejects her, Liz finally starts to move on, but Trevor is finding it difficult
to truly let her go. It seems the more he tries to stay away, the more intense
his feelings for her become. Like a stretched rubber band, he can only take so
much before snapping.




Liz Hayes is done waiting for Trevor and isn’t interested in getting her heart
broken by him again, but Trevor is making it difficult for her to forget him
when he shoves his way back into her life.


Can Trevor prove to her that he is worth falling in love with again, and is he
ready to change his life plan to let her into his heart?
In A Heartbeat (Rebel Walking #1) by Hilary Storm

Eaven Bennett is a college student with a passion for photography.
She has high hopes of completing college and starting a new life as she moves
away from her hometown with her best friend, Ivy Adams. Her last boyfriend
ruined any chance of her trusting ever again.




Talon Walker is the dark and intriguing drummer for the up and coming band
‘Rebel Walking’. A tragedy in his past has left him empty with no desire for a
relationship. That is until he meets Eaven.


One minute your heart is filled with love, the next your entire life comes
crashing down. Everything can change in a heartbeat. Can Eaven and Talon
overcome the obstacles in their way and find love?
Tears of Tess by Pepper Winters 

“My life was complete. Happy, content, everything neat and perfect.


Then it all changed.


I was sold.”


Tess Snow has everything she ever wanted: one more semester before a career in
property development, a loving boyfriend, and a future dazzling bright with


For their two year anniversary, Brax surprises Tess with a
romantic trip to Mexico. Sandy beaches, delicious cocktails, and soul-connecting
sex set the mood for a wonderful holiday. With a full heart, and looking
forward to a passion filled week, Tess is on top of the world.




But lusty paradise is shattered.


Kidnapped. Drugged. Stolen. Tess is forced into a world full of darkness and


Captive and alone with no savior, no lover, no faith, no future, Tess evolves
from terrified girl to fierce fighter. But no matter her strength, it can’t
save her from the horror of being sold.


Can Brax find Tess before she’s broken and ruined, or will Tess’s new owner
change her life forever?


A New Adult Dark Contemporary Romance, not suitable for people sensitive to
grief, slavery, and hard to read subjects. A story about finding love in the
strangest of places, a will of iron that grows from necessity, and forgiveness
that may not be enough.
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